About the (Sneaky) Artist

Marthe Jocelyn

I was born in Toronto a long time ago. When I was a kid, I made strange puppets and little creatures and clothes for my dolls. When I grew up, I made little puppets and strange creatures and clothes for my children, as well as collage pictures and stories that eventually became books. I used scissors for all these things. I named my art studio Scissorhouse.

When I got older, I moved from Canada to live in New York City. The streets there are crowded with shops and people and signs and litter - and also art. Odd little handmade souvenirs were tucked or scrawled or hanging in many peculiar places. Graffiti sometimes, but other art pieces too, usually made from found objects or small toys.

My daughters and I thought of a name for these street discoveries. We called it Sneaky Art. We started to have some of our own ideas for things to leave in the street as part of the great exhibition of city life. Sneaky Art became another way for me to use my scissors, making surprises for passersby - and eventually collecting many of my creations into a book.

Now I live in Canada again, where I try to see or think of something new every day.

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